Ginger the Cat

I was never a cat person. Cats always seemed like creepy, creeping creatures with a sneaky agenda. And though, I am still convinced that cats are a bit surreptitious and sly,  I have become a fan of one particular feline named, Ginger. My husband and I have four children of which, three of them are boys. Child number three is female and has forever sulked about not having a sister sibling. I figured if I could deal with four little humans I could take the plunge and add a furry offspring to the mix. Ginger the cat

Ginger was supposed to be a kitten. When we went to the pet store to “rescue” or adopt our cat, we did not foresee the rules and regulations tacked on to this process by the feline foster families. My daughter had her eyes on a sweet and slick little kitty that shined like freshly poured ink. She had been cuddling this cutie for quite some time  and it was evident that a bond had been formed. When my husband had filled out the paper work and was getting ready to pay and make our adoption official, the foster parent of the cat asked whether or not we had any other pets in the house. We were clueless that by answering “no” we would be breaking our daughter’s heart. Feline foster parents aim to place kittens into homes with current pets for the purpose of socialization. As my daughter’s tears dripped onto the sweet little kitty, the foster parent scooped the sweet ball of fur out of her arms and told her to find a cat at least one year old. After two hours of examining crate labels for cat birth dates, we found a one year old cat named Ginger. Luckily, Ginger was petite and cuddly at the time and our daughter was able to make a quick connection. Once we brought Ginger home, she became the star of our house and neighborhood. She has become a subject for my photography which in turn inspired my mixed media painting. she has starred in home made videos documenting her ever so sneaky behaviors: helping herself to freshly baked challahs, sitting in the middle of the kitchen table and daintily licking milk from a glass with her paws, wedging herself into the pantry to pull out her favorite brand of potato chips. She has a laundry list of her furry tales and acts as a furry muse to her less furry mom.


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