Water Lilies

There are approximately 70 known species of water lilies which are mainly found in tropical environments. They are round in shape with petals bursting from the water like morning sun rays. DSC_8230

Pink, purple, peach, white, yellow and red blossoms float peacefully above the water, blooming both day and night.
Artists and poets have been inspired by these fascinating flowers. They are a national symbol in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well as the official flower for the month of July. And, in some cultures, the lily symbolizes grief and often represents sunsets, and seashores.

“Water Lilies” is an acrylic based, mixed media piece where the lilies are outlined in glue and glazing medium. The petals are poured on with multiple layers of liquid acrylics. The result is a linear painting which can be perceived with a bird’s eye view as well as vertically, where the lilies vibrant jewel tones gracefully cascade into the cool, celestial waters.

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