Little Gems

Little Gems was originally inspired by a photo of multi colored glass wind chimes that I photographed at an arts and crafts market in Israel. The glass tiles glistened with jewel tones; sapphire blues, emerald greens, ruby reds and golden ambers.Little Gems

The first layer consists of handmade tissue papers and acrylics. It was originally in my mind to recreate the feeling of the glass tiles gently swaying. As the transparent glass tiles overlapped, they created brilliant colored layers and patterns. So, as I continued to add my paint and collage, I realized that the piece was looking a bit flat and could use more texture. After inking in lines and dripping more acrylics I let the piece rest for a long period of time. Most of my pieces seem to go through a resting stage where I set them on a shelf and contemplate whether they are finished or need extra attention. Since this piece is on the smaller side, the rich tones were a bit overwhelming and there was too much similarity with both the medium and the overall tone. In the end, it needed an extra layer which is when I introduced the color twine which loosely connects the dried paint chunks creating a flying bouquet. The colors, lines, shapes and textures all come together in a harmonic mixed media collage.


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