Cherry Blossom

Washington D.C. is filled with many stone and marble monuments denoting the country’s history but, one of my most favorite icons are the organic, expressive, cherry trees. Cherry BlossomExperiencing the cherry trees in full bloom is like walking through a miniature enchanted forest. Pink and white blossoms form canopies around the Tidal Basin, where Thomas Jefferson proudly stands, observing the festivities. There are tea parties and picnics, hand holding, picture taking and smiles everywhere you look. The blossoms are visually intoxicating, especially for artists who want to capture every element of our nation’s worldly attraction.
This print started as an ink pouring on water color paper. Layered with acrylics, glazing medium and tissue papers, this  cheery cherry blossom emerged with a surprise. Petals blossomed into tiny hearts. Pure love.


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